If you’ve spent much time on Sydney roads in the last couple of years you might have noticed a surprisingly large number of BYD branded cars.

I know I certainly have!

The Chinese brand offers only battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, while they also manufacture clean and green trucks and buses.

We’re yet to see any BYD heavy commercial vehicles in Australia, but you’d reckon that is probably going to change in the coming years.

They’re already starting to make some serious inroads in the tough European market, in particular, in the bus industry there.

And, soon we might also have the chance to purchase a completely new offering from BYD, a pick-up.

Getting in on the global pick-up market, it has just been announced that the BYD offering (as seen in the teaser image above) will carry the name ‘Shark’.

Reuters reports the electric pick-up truck will feature a plug-in hybrid system called Dual Mode Off-Road (DMO).

That system was, according to BYD, “developed for improving off-road driving experiences”.

At this stage there is no official pricing for the pick-up in international markets and no confirmation it will land downunder.

We will, however, get a first official look at the BYD Shark at the upcoming Beijing Autoshow, due to start on Thursday.

The naming of the BYD offering comes just a week after Kia announced the name of its new pick-up, which is coming to Australia.

It’s going to be known as the Kia Tasman and you can check out more details on that offering here.