Scania has revealed that since it  introduced battery electric vehicles for regional transport in June this year that it  has seen a clear momentum for electric vehicles, with the company reporting that it has taken orders for around 640 electric trucks and buses.

In the seven months since Scania introduced  its first  battery electric regional transport vehicles it has seen a strong rising interest in these solutions.

“We know that with our wide range of electrified vehicles, we can offer sustainable zero-emission solutions for our customers. The number of orders are a sign that the market is becoming more than ready to take on electrification,” said Fredrik Allard, head of electrification at Scania in Sweden.

Scania says that with the 640 orders to date and counting for the electric regional trucks,  that it is clear that they are part of solutions that contain all the capabilities a transport industry longing for electrification is asking for.

The company says that the 624 kWh of batteries installed means it provides a major shift in electric trucks and their operability in regional operations.

“The amount of electric trucks in this segment ordered to date exceeds our expectations. We see that there are close to 140 customers several different customers that have begun to transit their fleet to electric, from all over Europe and even Mexico. Some have ordered more than 40 electric vehicles each,” Allard said.

Italian transport company Gruber Logistics, which is a pioneer in digitalisation, has placed an order of nearly 30 electric trucks so far.

”Scania has thoroughly analysed our transport operations they offered a complete solution, including charging, that perfectly suits our needs in a way we think a competitor could never do,” said Andrea Condotta,  the public affairs and innovation manager, at Gruber Logistics.

“These regional trucks are just the beginning, we will go with Scania until all of our transports are electrified,” Condotta said.

Scania says that the introduction of regional battery electric vehicles was a major milestone for the company and its partners, with the increase in range in every dimension delivering new opportunities for a large number of customers and for the transport ecosystem.

While it is holding a strong order bank Scania says  that production of the electric regional trucks will not begin  until  Q4 2023.