We might be a goer for the inaugural Kia ute (or pickup), set to be named the Kia Tasman, but one other massive ute market may just have to be a bit patient.

Clearly with a nod to Australia in that name (and yes, that is the global name), no doubt showing just how important our market is to the fledgling offering, the Tasman has been confirmed for a number of international markets.

Those markets include the Kia home market South Korea, along with Africa and the Middle East.

But what about the market most synonymous with pick-ups, the USA?

Well, it appears the market will miss out on the new Kia ute when the model comes to reality next year.

U.S. motoring publication, Car and Driver, reports the Kia Tasman is unlikely to hit the roads of the US of A, at least initially.

The publication said that Kia will launch the ute/pick-up truck through a phased strategy across different markets, the USA is not on the horizon just at this stage.

But they believe that will change.

Given Americans’ huge appetite for pickup trucks, we think the Tasman has a chance to eventually be sold stateside. – Car and Driver

What else do we know about the new Kia Tasman? Well, we’re still awaiting more details.

The manufacturer though does describe it as a C-segment truck (so that’s about the size of a Ford Ranger or Toyota HiLux)

And the Kia is also expected to be built on a ladder-frame chassis, and not having a monocoque body.

There will be a four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, and most likely electrification offered too. 

We’ll keep you updated on the new Kia as further info comes to hand.