French  zero emission truck start-up, Hyliko  has announced it plans to integrate Toyota’s second generation hydrogen fuel cell modules into its forthcoming heavy-duty zero-emission trucks.

This latest cooperation with independent truck makers further expands Toyota’s list of fuel cell technology partnerships for hydrogen solutions across a range of diverse sectors  which also include trains, buses, generators and marine applications.

Toyota’s Fuel Cell Business is looking to further expand into the wider commercial vehicle sector as a means to accelerate the growth of zero emissions hydrogen mobility.

Specifically, it sees great promise in trucks, which are responsible for 77 per cent of all freight transported on European roads.

While the lower mass of hydrogen systems allows for heavier payloads, the fast refuelling of hydrogen is also an important plus for heavy and longer distance commercial transport operations.

Commercial truck usage patterns and the demand for larger volumes of hydrogen position them as key contributors in developing sustainable infrastructures.

Globally, Toyota is already working with multiple truck partners to integrate fuel cell technology in heavy-duty transport, including Paccar  with the Zanzeff Shore to Shore Project in the US, which started in 2019, and which recently proved that fuel cell electric trucks can match diesel performance and provide a zero-emissions alternative ready for commercial deployment.

The partnership with Hyliko also marks another step towards Toyota’s vision for hydrogen ecosystems in Europe, stimulating both supply and demand to expand into viable business models.

Hydrogen energy is a key pillar of Europe’s energy strategy,  and Toyota is prioritising the expansion of  different types of fuel cell applications within hydrogen ecosystems to support their growth. Its partnership strategy aims to develop synergies between the different business sectors and supports communities that want to further expand into fully fledged hydrogen corridors.

“We are delighted to announce an agreement with Hyliko for the supply of our fuel cell modules. Hyliko is a dynamic start-up with a broad vision on hydrogen, as they plan to offer all the main components of an eco-cluster: a fuel cell truck, the supply of green hydrogen and a leasing and maintenance scheme,” said vice president  of  Toyota Motor Europe ‘s R & D2 and head of Fuel Cell business , Thiebault Paquet.

“Having such a holistic and long-term view on the growth of a viable hydrogen ecosystem is necessary for business sustainability and to reassure investors. Together with partners like Hyliko, we will continue stimulating eco-clusters around Europe towards a larger hydrogen society, as one of the main building blocks to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040,” Paquet said.