Leading NSW based Transport operator Jim Pearson Transport has delivered a plaudit to Mercedes Benz Trucks  for its complimentary Truck Training which it offers with every Mercedes-Benz Actros it sells.

The company based in the mid north coast town of Port Macquarie  is one of the biggest fleets in the country has  given the thumbs-up  to the Mercedes Truck Training  particularly for the fuel efficiency gains  the program has delivered.

“We find it very useful,” Jim Pearson, said.

“There are so many features in these trucks that it is really worthwhile to have someone come and explain and demonstrate them. Glen Lewis (one of the Mercedes-Benz Truck trainers) also points out where all the savings are,” he said.

This sentiment was shared by Jim Pearson Transport Grafton depot manager, Graeme Wood, who explained that all Jim Pearson driver trainers complete the Truck Training program along with senior drivers, with many of them going out with other company drivers and pass on many of the tips and tricks.

Graeme Wood said the Truck Training program helps drivers to get the most out of the advanced Mercedes-Benz engines, which have ample torque and do not need to be revved hard.

“Glen is able to demonstrate how to drive it in the torque band, rather than revving it out, so the truck is better on fuel, the truck goes better and the driver feels better too,” Wood said.

“These trucks can be deceptive because they are so quiet and refined that you think they are going slowly when they aren’t revving hard, but that’s not the case. It is one thing to explain to a driver how they can save fuel, but it is much more effective to show them that they can also get over the next hill quicker,” Wood added.

Jim Pearson Transport is one of the most visible fleets on the Pacific Motorway,  running mainly between Sydney and Brisbane operating larger Daimler fleet with Mercedes Benz and Freightliner  trucks such as the Mercedes Actros,pointing to the fact  that it takes advantage of the truck’s advanced safety features and excellent fuel efficiency.

Mercedes-Benz  says its Truck Training is available to single operators and fleets across Australia and is free of charge for new Actros customers. The company says that the Training programs can be tailored for specific fleets in order to be most effective.