The electric Vehicle Council has come out in support of the Queensland Government’s  announcement of its new $55 million EV package  saying it will ‘send a strong signal to the global industry that the Sunshine State is an appealing place to be’.

The new Queensland package includes $3000 incentives for EV purchases and $10 million for new charging infrastructure.

“Queensland was the first Australian state to develop an EV strategy and today’s announcement shows there’s still strong momentum toward an electric future in the Sunshine State,” said Electric Vehicle Council chief executive Behyad Jafari.

“Instead of filling up on foreign oil, Queensland drivers should be filling up on the abundant sunshine and wind their state offers.

“We know Queensland drivers already have great enthusiasm about the idea of switching to an EV, this package will help convert a lot of that enthusiasm to action.

“Queenslanders understand the myriad benefits of electric vehicles and that’s been emphatically underlined recently with all the petrol price volatility. This kind of government support will give drivers confidence to make the move now instead of putting it off.

“Now what we need is for the federal government to back Queensland’s efforts and support it with overdue reform like the introduction of fuel efficiency standards.”

Jafari noted that while the package was welcome there was still ample room for future progress.

“Direct company incentives would also attract more EV supply chain investment to the state. And with a strong manufacturing presence in the state, the Queensland Government might also consider ways to support the uptake of electric trucks.

“The announcement is a significant move in the right direction for Queensland.”