Daimler Trucks North America has announced it is recalling 7,128 heavy-duty trucks because of an electrical system defect that could spark a fire.

The recall in the US includes certain Western Star 4700, 4900, 5700 and 6900 trucks, model years 2017 through 2019.

In affected vehicles, the power cable between the stud and bulkhead – the metal structure located at the back of the cab that protects the driver against shifting cargo in the event of a collision – could make contact, resulting in an electrical arc.

“Arching of a power cable between the stud and bulkhead could increase the risk of a fire,” according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statement.

It is unclear at this stage  whether the US recall notice will affect Western Star trucks in Australia however the brand’s Australian distributor, Penske Commercial Vehicles told Truck and Bus News  that at this stage it is unlikely.

Mark Mello, general manager of  sales at Penske,  said that there are significant differences between trucks built for the domestic market in the US and trucks built specifically for Australia, the most obvious being left hand drive versus right hand drive.

“This results in substantial differences in the placement of components and routing of pipes, air lines and wiring. So it is often the case that units in Australia do not necessarily face the same issues as those in the US market, and vice versa. Western Star Trucks Australia works closely with the aftersales team in the USA. If at any stage Western Star Trucks Australia becomes aware of a safety concern affecting Australian trucks, it will issue the appropriate notice to customers,” said Mello.