Yutong Australia has commenced a voluntary Seatbelt recall. In Mid-July 2019, an issue with one seatbelt was found and corrected immediately. Upon further internal inspection of our records between Yutong Australian and the factory, it was found that some Yutong models had been fitted with the incorrect ADR passenger seatbelt that was stipulated on its documentation.

Yutong Australia regards safety of its customers and passengers travelling on Yutong vehicles as top priority and it has elected to conduct a voluntary recall via the codes and practices outlined by the ACCC.

All current seatbelts fitted to the Yutong vehicles meet all the required ADR’s and the recall only affect vehicles imported and deliver pre-October 2016.

Yutong has already contacted all its customers affected by this recall and has replaced more than one third of the affected vehicles in less than 60 days. Yutong believes to have the balance of the seatbelts finalised by the end of October / November this year.

Any customer that has any concerns should contact Yutong Australia on 1800 988 664