The NHVR has announced it has started begun testing a range of tyres used with PBS combinations to verify performance particularly agains the control tyres used to develop the PBS standard.

NHVR’s testing program follows recommendations from Kiwi road safety expert, Dr John de Pont, and a  review  he conducted into tyre management practices within the PBS program.

Les Bruzsa NHVR chief engineer, said the Regulator was working with the Australian Road Research Board to undertake tyre testing necessary to implement Dr de Pont’s findings.

“In addition to the safety assessment projects being undertaken to investigate potential impacts of the generic tyre approach for PBS assessments, the NHVR has engaged ARRB to conduct tyre testing to consider the effects of varying test conditions on tyre performance,” said Les Bruzsa.

“The testing will examine the effect of variations in tread depth, vertical loads, different inflation pressures, road surface characteristics and the performance characteristics of different tyres.

“The results will also be used to determine how the performance of heavy vehicle tyres in the Australian market differ from the Michelin XZA tyre used to develop the PBS Standards.

“With almost one in five new heavy vehicles approved under the PBS scheme, we want to take a best-practice approach to the management of tyres on the PBS fleet.

“The testing is another step towards a consistent approach among manufacturers and will give heavy vehicle manufacturers certainty about how we measure tyre performance.

“We’d like to thank the Australian Tyre Industry Council (ATIC), Truck Industry Council (TIC) and the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) for their support in providing tyres and rims for this testing.”

Dr de Pont’s Review of Tyre Management Practice in the Australian PBS System discussion paper is available at this link