Isuzu  has announced that owners of  its brand of trucks  are being urged to consider placing an entry into its 2024 Isuzu Truck of the Year Competition.Isuzu says that the Truck of the Year Competition, which it claims is in its 28th year, celebrates ‘life on the road, businesses around the country, and the trucks that support them’.

The company says that entering the competition is easy,  and that all owners operators have to do is follow the prompts on this page of the Isuzu Australia website.

Isuzu  says that cash and merchandise prizes are up for grabs, and that  further opportunities will be available to partner with Isuzu Trucks to promote your business.

It also claims  that there is a big carrot for the owner of the Isuzu truck judged Truck of the Year – with  a $6,000 Visa gift card as prize.

Isuzu’s marketing and advertising manager, Sam Gangemi, said that with entries being accepted until 11:59 pm on December 1st, Isuzu is looking forward to seeing entries come in from proud Isuzu owners nationwide.

“Our customers come from some of the hardest working industries in Australia. From our point of view, it’s great that the competition can bring these people together in the limelight and recognize their achievements,”  said Gangemi.

“Over the years, we’ve been delighted to receive all manner of entries, from Ready-to-Work trucks in trade, tankers, and crane trucks, to highly customized waste and recycling units and concrete agitators.

“This year is all about giving your truck another chance to work for you – whether you’re a tradie, cattle farmer, or a driver in a national logistics chain, we encourage you to tell your story,” he added.