Think how Uber has turned the taxi (ride sharing) industry on its head and then transfer that idea to a mini-bus operation and you have the basis of for what is called Bridj on demand bus service.

The notion is to have an app on your phone for the bus service that you press when you want to be picked up and taken to a certain destination with the cost debited to your credit card.

The on demand bus service plan is supported by most state governments who want to use smaller “mini-buses’’ to transfer passengers to major transport hubs rather than use the normal, large metro buses which cost a lot more to run, take up more space and often have difficulties negotiating tight suburban streets.

Bridj has contracts to provide these inter hub services and has purchased a fleet of luxury Iveco Daily mini buses for the purpose.

The service will commence in Sydney soon and will roll out to other cities at a later date.

The Iveco was chosen for its size, seating capacity, low running costs and reliability reputation.