Allison Transmission is predicting its new Fuel Sense 2.0 will deliver six per cent increases to fuel efficiencies, announcing the new technology at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis last week.

Fuel Sense 2.0 features DynActive Shifting, which meets the driver’s power demands by using various inputs, which includes vehicle system losses, configuration, mass, acceleration rate and operating grade.

“This latest technology further reduces fuel consumption in all segments of a vehicle’s duty-cycle,” said Heidi Schutte, Allison Transmission’s vice-president of marketing and sales for the Americas.

“Fuel Sense 2.0 offers increased specification flexibility and delivers the best economic value to our customers.”

Those working in distribution saw a 6.3 per cent improvement in fuel savings using the new software, while those in refuse collection experienced a six per cent benefit.

The new software has been designed for distribution vehicles, city and school buses and refuse collection.

Allison will offer the technology in three packages each with DynActive Shifting: FuelSense 2.0, 2.0 Plus and 2.0 Max.

FuelSense 2.0 Plus and Max each offer improved neutral at stop, which lowers fuel consumption and emissions by reducing or eliminating the load on the engine when the vehicle is stopped.

Max includes enhanced acceleration rate management, a feature that mitigates aggressive driving by automatically controlling engine torque.

The new technology will be available from April.