isuzu nnr truck

Isuzu  has revealed it is making a concerted effort to gain further ground in the construction and building industry with its trucks, by mounting a display at the upcoming  Sydney Build Expo, which is being staged at the Sydney Convention Centre in Sydney this week (from 1st June).

The company says its exhibit will open doors to decision-makers, buyers and influencers from the construction, architecture, transport, and infrastructure sectors.

Isuzu says this year is expected to dwarf previous outings in both size and scale with well over 30,000 people expected to attend across the two-day event.

The ’22 Expo will mark the first year that Isuzu will be exhibiting and says that as the leader in the Australian truck market for the past 33 years, it’s expected to make a splash.

After years of back-to-back record sales, Isuzu  says it is keen to get out and show people exactly what it is that has made its trucks so popular with Australian tradies.

Isuzu will be exhibiting its new ready to work range, which is aimed at a largely trade focused audience, which the event typically attracts.

The company says many business owners face the question of ‘Truck or Ute?’ when it comes to kitting out their business in the most practical way and Isuzu says  it has done the research to help answer that question with the conclusion of the future of trucking report.

Isuzu’s Ready To Work line-up covers pretty much all the bases and according to the company accommodates almost every trade application imaginable, resulting in a range of trucks and trade-specific bodies which it says are optimised in every aspect to suit the needs of ambitious tradespeople.

Isuzu points to the advantages  of  the many models  it has which are able to be driven on a car drivers’ licence (up to 4,500 kg Gross Vehicle Mass), and featuring two-pedal auto and AMT transmissions, which it says are just as easy to drive as a daily commuter with the added bonus of being safer for the business and far more productive.

Isuzu also said that on the topic of safety, businesses large and small can all expect to hear much more about the Chain of Responsibility in the future.

“The road transport industry is placing a greater focus on the CoR and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) are doubling down on efforts to prosecute breaches of legislation governing this,” Isuzu said in its announcment.

“This poses a significant threat to many businesses though studies shows that small fleets are in a particularly vulnerable position,” the company said.

“As per Isuzu’s Future of Trucking report, 35 per cent of small fleets are completely unprepared for, or unaware of their CoR requirements,” it added.

The company added  that with many of its trucks able to be driven on a standard passenger car licence, they can even be operated by someone on P plates, which is often a revelation for ute owners, who can now send apprentices or other non truck licence qualified employees off on a run to the hardware store.

“Many are seeing the value and benefits of trading up to a truck, though some might feel the loss of their ute when it comes to weekend activities,” Isuzu said.

“Whatever direction you choose, remember that with any vehicle, you always buy nice, or you buy twice,” it added.

Isuzu says the stand will be a one stop shop to find all the info buyers need about the ready to work range and Isuzu as a whole.

“We’ll have videos showing the trucks in action and we’ll be hearing from interesting businesses who have found success using Isuzu Trucks in their day-to-day operations,” the company said.