Yutong has moved to cement its position at the top of the world bus manufacturing tree with a high tech, luxury coach called the T12.

Completely new from the wheels up, the T12 uses a 12.0 litre Mercedes-Benz engine coupled to a ZF automatic transmission both sourced from Europe.

The T12 made its first public appearance at this week’s Australasia Bus and Coach Expo on the Gold Coast.

The striking looker features an expansive three bay luggage space 950mm high to take the tallest bags and is engineered for optimum passenger comfort with air suspension and low noise levels rated at a maximum 74 decibels at the rear of the coach with the aircon’ activated.

In order to facilitate routine maintenance, the T12 has easy access to consumable and wearing parts many sourced from European manufacturers. In fact, a casual observer could be excused for thinking the T12 was a European model.

The interior is a study in leather and ergonomic design from the driver’s cockpit through the entire passenger compartment.

The T12 is due to arrive here soon, possibly before the end of the year as Yutong strives to increase its sales markedly in this country.