Hot on the heels of  the announcement that it had signed an agreement to supply road train capable prime movers to Ark Energy, hydrogen FCEV commercial vehicle start up, Hyzon Motors, has announced it has signed a supply agreement with Westfarmer’s industrial gases subsidiary,  Coregas, to deliver two hydrogen fuel cell-powered prime movers  for hauling gas tankers in NSW.

Hyzon  expects the two Hymax-450 prime movers will to be delivered in the first half of 2022 and to mark the first hydrogen-powered heavy trucks to operate in Australia.

The two prime movers are expected to be deployed on arrival from Hyzon’s manufacturing facility in the Netherlands, and will replace Coregas’ existing diesel fleet,  transporting speciality gases, including hydrogen, to Coregas customers in Sydney and the wider NSW region. Decarbonization opportunities will be immediate with the project expected to deliver emissions reductions of 50 per cent in comparison with trucks currently in use.

Coregas, operates Australia’s largest merchant hydrogen plant at Port Kembla, supplying customers across various sectors including manufacturing and transport. Coregas says it is actively pursuing hydrogen as an energy source through participation in projects aimed at accelerating the energy transition across Australia.

Coregas is in the process of developing Australia’s first commercial vehicle hydrogen refuelling station at its Port Kembla facility, to support both the Hyzon hydrogen-powered heavy-duty vehicles and the refuelling of other trucks and buses operators by third parties.

Hyzon says the project represents a strategic first step in developing a broader hydrogen ecosystem.

Port Kembla and the Illawarra-Shoalhaven are primed to be an epicentre of the emerging hydrogen sector possessing several advantages to foster the development of the thriving domestic and export hydrogen sector.

Hyzon and Coregas say they are actively pursuing the opportunity to scale up hydrogen-powered trucking and are actively engaging with companies in and around the port on the opportunity to transition to hydrogen and to decarbonise the heavy vehicle fleet.

It is estimated that currently close to  7,000 trucks travel between the region and Sydney each day.

The NSW Government recently announced a $70 million package to support the establishment of hydrogen hubs in the state, with Port Kembla identified as a priority location, given its deep-water port, electricity and gas infrastructure, water recycling plant, road and rail connections, R&D presence, and sizeable heavy-duty vehicle fleet.

“Hyzon is proud to partner with Coregas in our shared effort to decarbonize Australia’s heavy trucking industry,” said Craig Knight, CEO and co-founder of Hyzon.

“This partnership reflects two truths about the energy transition: first, that the technology is ready to be deployed now; second, that collaborative efforts are integral in accelerating this shift. We are excited to work with Coregas to introduce hydrogen-powered heavy-duty trucks to Australia,” said Knight.

Coregas  said it is also delighted to partner with Hyzon on the first hydrogen-powered heavy trucks to operate in Australia.

“Coregas is working hard to apply our expertise in hydrogen distribution, compression and storage to Australia’s transition to a hydrogen economy,” said Coregas executive general manager Alan Watkins.

“Transforming the transport sector is a critical piece of the puzzle, and we are delighted to partner with Hyzon to operate these vehicles out of our Hydrogen refueling station in Port Kembla