Daimler trucks

There’s no word yet on any possible implications in Australia, however, Daimler Trucks say they expect new truck prices will continue to increase this year.

The truck sales industry is being slammed by both positive and negative events and circumstances.

All of which are driving up prices for manufacturers and their customers.

The big positive is that more and more people want to give a new truck a home, while on the other side if the coin is the struggles with the supply of components due to factors such as Covid and the war in Ukraine.

Chief Financial Officer at Daimler Truck Holding Jochen Gretzky says the increasing cost of raw materials prices and inflationary pressures are also affecting the cost of manufacturing trucks.

“We are not increasing prices just for the sake of profit, but pure necessity,” Goetz said.

“If raw materials fall back to the level we had 1.5 years ago, pricing would go down again.”

Reuters reports that like many other vehicle manufacturers is struggling with getting supplies of microchips and semiconductor, but Daimler still expects to make between 500,000 and 520,000 vehicles this year.

But positive exchange rate effects and high demand mean it could boost its revenue to 48 billion-50 billion euros from its previous forecast of 45.5 billion-47.5 billion.

“Daimler Truck expects the macroeconomic conditions for global demand for trucks to remain favourable in 2022,” Daimler Trucks said in a statement.