Next Generation eCanter Vehicle Variations Next Generation eCanter Vehicle Variations

At a Brisbane Truck Show that is being primed as the biggest display of battery electric trucks ever seen in this country, Fuso has announced it will have its  next generation eCanter on display for the first time in Australia at next week’s Show.

Fuso’s original electric eCanter was the first original equipment anufacturer  electric truck launched in Australia in 2021 and has started work for fleets including Bunnings, Toohey’s, Coles, Centurion, Goldstar, Linfox, Australia Post and Team Global Express.

The eCanter produces zero local emissions, and delivers a smooth and near silent drive experience and also boasts a suite of advanced safety features, as well as having the build quality and the backing of Daimler.

Fuso says the next-generation eCanter further extends its leadership with advances across the board including greater range, additional safety features and a fresh interior and exterior design that make it an ideal sustainable transport solution for Australian cities and suburbs.

The company says that the eCanter line-up has grown substantially and customers can now select from a variety of different wheelbases, weight ratings and now have a choice of City Cab or Wide Cab.

Fuso says it has also  introduced an electric Power Take Off (PTO)  to the eCanter which it believes opens up a raft of new possibilities, with the truck’s electric power now able to operate tipper bodies, cranes, or even a fridge body.

Unlike he first gen eCanter which featured a ‘conventional’ driveline architecture, with an electric motor sitting in the middle of the chassis with a prop shaft back to a conventional diff, the next generation eCanter now features an eAxle, which delivers considerable efficiency gains according two Daimler and industry experts.

This means that  for the new generation eCanter, engineers have built the electric motor into the rear axle itself, so there is no need for a driveshaft. which saves weight and reduces energy losses.

The  newly-developed eMotor makes a maximum output of 129kW and 430Nm, while the ‘engine brake’ system, which can slow the truck while harvesting energy at the same time, now has four stages for better control. This system means eCanter drivers can easily slow the truck in traffic, to a complete stop, without having to touch the service brakes,  with the energy recouped used to increase the range.

Fuso says that there are also new thermally-controlled batteries, which are available in three different packages. The company says the new truck is about to undergo a rigorous Australian test program, which will  be conducted with a fully loaded eCanter to determine how much the range has improved and to ensure the right specification for our market.

Fuso says that despite all the advances, the new eCanter can be charged with common AC power if customers don’t want to invest in a DC charging station.

Fuso has also  introduced a new-look exterior, while the interior has been given a major freshen-up with a futuristic digital dash and upgraded steering wheel.

Fuso says it will open up the Australian order books for the next generation eCanter toward the end of this year and more information on the Australian specification of the new eCanter will be released closer to the launch date. Potential customers can register their interest at www.fuso.com.au