Queensland  based  transport operator Followmont has become the first Australian operator to  place an order for  Volvo’s new  heavy-duty truck, FH Electric  prime mover.

The family owned Followmont has ordered the largest of Volvo’s fleet of electric trucks which Volvo claims  has a range of 300km  and which it says  is ‘well suited to extended transportation routes and intercity travel’.

Volvo says the Followmont deal also includes the mid-sized FL Electric, which has a claimed range of 400km and is aimed at urban delivery and intercity transportation, with the anticipated delivery for both trucks  to  Followmont Transport expected to be late 2023.

President of Volvo Group Australia Martin Merrick, said, that Australia’s first order for the FH Electric is a huge milestone for Volvo Group, for its valued customers at Followmont Transport, and the future of transportation in Australia.

“The FH Electric is set to be a game changer for transportation in Australia. It will play an important role in the decarbonisation of Australia’s transportation sector,”

“This investment allows Followmont to set itself apart as a company that is stepping up and helping realise a future with cleaner and greener vehicles on Australian roads.”

CEO of Followmont Transport Mark Tobin, said that its investment in the two e-powered trucks represents an important milestone for Followmont.

“It’s important milestone as we look to reduce our emissions, help partners decarbonise, and support the goal of a net zero future. At Followmont, we take our responsibility seriously and understand this is the time for change,” Tobin said.

“We’re excited to take delivery of our first electric units later this year, getting on the front foot to further reduce our impact on the environment and taking our strategy to the next level,” he added.

“Through investing in vehicles, technology, infrastructure, and our communities, we will continue to play our part in supporting present and future generations,” Tobin said.

Volvo said that as it celebrates the inaugural order, it continues to call for urgent regulatory change to the current rules that limit steer-axle-to-mass ratios to 6.5 tonnes in Australia. This stops heavy-duty vehicles including the FH Electric from driving on Australian roads.