If that headline doesn’t immediately make perfect sense to you, and I would be surprised if it did, this is a great opportunity to learn about some new players in the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) space.

HORSE is a powertrain manufacturer that specializes in low emissions technologies, in particular, diesel engines.

HABAS is a pioneering Turkish automotive manufacturer that is part of a much bigger group that manufactures everything from medical gases to motorcycles and even ships.

But it also has a long history of building trucks and buses too.

Those two concerns have teamed up with HORSE being chosen to supply diesel engines to HABAS for its first-ever range of LCVs.

Where the story becomes more interesting is that the turbo-diesel engine being produced by HORSE boasts some pretty impressive numbers.

The M920 RWD 2.0-litre turbo diesel delivers 125kW at 3,500rpm, while peak torque of 380Nm is delivered at just 1,500rpm.

Those numbers aren’t anything to get too excited about, but where it does get interesting is that the powerplant meets strict Euro 6d+e full emissions regulations, making it suitable for all European markets.

Those are the same tough standards being introduced in Australia late next year.

The new deal could be an indication that HABAS is looking likely to make a big push out of its traditional markets – developing nations, and into the mainstream.

The HORSE turbo-diesel unit features common rail injection operating at 2,500 bar “for precise fuel delivery and exceptional efficiency”.

It also boasts a variable vane turbine turbocharger, and it can run on the latest B10 diesel that contains 10% biofuel content for a lower carbon footprint.

Patrice Haettel, Chief Executive Officer at HORSE, said the turbo-diesel engine is a perfect fit for the forthcoming HABAS LCVs.

“This agreement truly highlights our ambition to provide class-leading low-emissions powertrains to clients across the globe.”

“HORSE’s global footprint, including facilities in Bursa, Türkiye, meant that we were the perfect partner for HABAŞ, to meet their needs as they scale up production of their new Light Commercial Vehicles.”

We wouldn’t be surprised if this arrangement led to HORSE supplying other powertrain solutions to HABAS, especially in the heavy-commercial vehicle space.