2019 Toyota HiAce LWB Van (L) and SLWB Van (R).

Toyota has announced it has  updated its market leading HiAce van, with the company saying it will bring added technology and comfort as well as convenience features, along with offering a streamlined choice for customers.

The updated HiAce models will be available from September and will see price increases starting at $990, with Toyota saying the popular van range gets new safety and security technology with the fitment of Toyota Connected Services to all models.

The upgraded HiAce gets a large centre console storage box, equipped with a removable in-box tray, an A4-sized binder rack and a moveable partition at the rear of the box that can be used as a cupholder, making the new HiAce even more of an office on the road.

Toyota says the addition of  its Toyota Connected Services  system enables the van  to automatically generate an emergency call to Toyota’s 24/7 Emergency Call Centre and relay the location of the vehicle in the event of a collision that requires intervention, or if an airbag deploys.

Occupants can also manually trigger an emergency call to the call centre via an SOS button, allowing them to determine the vehicle’s location and coordinate with emergency services and if the vehicle is reported stolen, Toyota Connected Services can assist authorities to help track the vehicle’s location via the stolen vehicle tracking  service.

The upgrade also includes front all-weather floor mats and an additional low-profile roof-mounted antenna.

Unfotunmately for those who have driven it and scoured the delightful flexible  power and engine note  the 3.5-litre petrol V6 fis being discontinued in the HiAce, which Toyota said is as a  result  of customer preference.

That means that all versions of the HiAce are now powered by the 2.8-litre turbodiesel four-cylinder engine, mated to an automatic transmission, with a six-speed manual gearbox offered on the HiAce LWB van. The turbodiesel engine develops 130kW/450Nm when teamed with the six-speed automatic, with 420Nm of torque for the manual variant.

The HiAce is covered by the five-year Toyota Warranty Advantage and seven-year Toyota Warranty Advantage Extended Engine and Driveline.

Pricing for the updated range is as follows:

  • LWB Van manual: $44,230
  • LWB Van automatic: $46,230
  • LWB Van manual: $44,230
  • LWB Van automatic: $46,230
  • LWB Van 4-door automatic: $46,230
  • LWB GL Van automatic: $47,230
  • LWB Crew Van automatic: $$49,230
  • SLWB Van automatic: $54,230
  • SLWB GL Van automatic: $55,230