Isuzu Ute has provided a teaser  video for its new DMax ute   and announced that it will be launched in Australia on 13 August with the new workhorse set to hit dealership showrooms on 1 September.

The company released the teaser on social media following Mazda unveiling its new BT50, which is based  on the DMax, a couple of weeks ago.

The looks of the new DMax have hardly been the subject of the official secrets act, given it has been on sale in Thailand where it is built for a few weeks now. Isuzu is citing Covid  related challenges for the delay in bringing the new DMax to market in Australia.

While it is housed in all new sheet metal the new DMax is largely the same under the skin as the popular current model. The new ute does retain basically the same 3.0litre four-cylinder  turbo diesel, but with the benefit of some updates, with the inclusion of a rear diff lock  for the first time on  the DMax. It will again be available in either automatic or manual format.

The other big area of improvement seen in some of the images revealed is a more plush and specced up interior with more room than the current version.

With the demise of Holden and its Colorado ute, which was also based on  the DMax and the  continued growth of the Isuzu Ute brand in Australia, management of the company must be confident they can garner a larger share of the growing ute market with its sparkling new offering. The fact that the Mazda BT50 will be built by Isuzu in its Thai factory means that Isuzu will benefit from the greater volume the ‘badge engineered’ Mazda version will deliver.

Truck and Bus News will bring you all the details of the new DMax as they come to hand

Watch the video here