Heavy duty truck market leader Paccar has indicated that it will do another Legend series Retro truck in the second half of 2017 as a follow on from the success of the Legend 950 in 2015 which sold out in less than 40 hours.

Speaking informally at the media launch for the new T610 Kenworth Paccar Australia, director of Sales and Marketing, Brad May, said there would be another limited edition Legend in the second half of this year to follow on from the success of the limited edition Legend 950, which sold out in a matter of 40 hours when it was announced in 2015.

Kenworth was very careful to ensure that the Legend 950 back in 2015 was limited to just 75 models and while the temptation was there to produce more to satisfy the clear demand of the retro nostalgia model the local arm of Paccar stuck to its guns and built just 75 despite believing it could have sold twice or three times that  many given the strong market  demand.

Details of the new Retro model are yet to be revealed but rest assured it will be a true Legend and will appeal to traditional Kenworth buyers seeking to relive the appeal of times past in a brand new truck.

Brad May went on to say that while the launch of the new T610, which features a huge amount of advanced Euro technology from steering to ergonomics and  aerodynamics,  was important to counter the ongoing attacks on the heavy market leaders from European brands like Volvo, it was also important to satisfy traditional buyers, who have a passionate view when it comes to buying trucks.

May said it was clear that there is a demand for retro Legend models was strong but that it was a fine line between producing a limited run and over supplying the market.

“We will reveal more details but at this stage a Legend is on the schedule for release in the second half of the year,” said the Paccar executive.

May also revealed that the company’s own European developed MX series 13 litre engine is at least two years away from being available in the new T610 range and, at least for the time being, Paccar Australia had thrown its weight behind the Cummins IS X in the new T610 range.

Paccar has worked closely with Cummins in the development of the new T610 and more details about that collaboration are expected to be revealed at the media launch later today (Tuesday).