Did you hear the one about the American, the Swede, the Scotsman and the Aussie walking into a bar?

No its not a joke more like the scenario at Volvo Group Australia, which as well as nominating the Volvo FH as Aussie of the Year has launched a new ‘Aussie’ branding campaign for the legendary Bulldog brand, with Mack Trucks unveiling its ‘Driving Australia Forward’ campaign to the iconic Cold Chisel hit, Working Class Man.

To explain the nationalities, the American is of course the Mack, which although being built here has a heritage as a US brand stretching back more than a century. The Swede of course is parent company, Volvo. The Scotsman is of course Martin Merrick the new president of VGA and  the Aussie, well you can include Dean Bestwick VP in charge of Mack trucks Australia, the locally built Macks and even  the singer of Mack’s  new video anthem, Jimmy Barnes. It is as true multi-cultural effort.

The new Mack video has echoes of Mack Trucks US video campaign from last year entitled ‘Born Ready’ and set to a song by US country singer Steve Moakler, except. for one thing, the Aussie Mack music video is a whole lot better than the US original.

Mack Trucks proudly proclaims as does its Swedish parent that  they  are built in Australia and says its Driving Australia Forward campaign celebrates the hard working men and women who have helped build the Mack brand over the past 100 years.

Mack also says the campaign celebrates the role of truck drivers and the trucking industry in shaping modern Australia.

The company’s release says that road freight is a vital cog in Australia’s economy, delivering everything from food to construction materials and that the trucking industry has helped shape our mining sector and made possible some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects.

Dean Bestwick, vice president of Mack Trucks in Australia said, “We are proud to feature the iconic song, Working Class Man to help celebrate 100 years of Mack, as well as the contribution the trucking industry has played in building Australia.

“Australia relies on road freight. This campaign is a chance to celebrate the unsung heroes who drive the highways, from the outback to the cities, to keep the country moving.”

Without the trucking industry, Australia would soon grind to a halt. The industry’s contribution to the nation’s economy is growing, with forecasts showing an increase in demand for road freight over the coming decades.

“Mack Trucks, with its Australian production facility and comprehensive network of service centres, is well placed to meet any future growth in road freight,” Mr Bestwick said.

“However, as an industry we need to work together to look at solutions to issues such as driver shortages.

“Our Driving Australia Forward campaign will hopefully get people talking about the vital role trucking plays in the economy and help attract new ‘working class heroes’ into the industry.”

The Driving Australia Forward video featuring the song, Working Class Man can be viewed here: