Troubled zero emission EV  truck start up , Nikola has announced a significant appointment  with firmer  General Motors and Dell executive Mary Chan  being announced as  Nikola’s new chief operating officer, where she will lead the company’s engineering, product and manufacturing teams.

Chan is a former president. of the global connected  consumer group at General Motors and a former senior vice president at Dell.

At GM, she led the launch of 4G LTE connectivity across brands in the US, China, Europe and Mexico.

In her capacity as COO Nikola says Chan will lead the company’s engineering, program, product, supply chain, and manufacturing teams.

Nikola president and CEO Steve Girsky, says Chan’s appointment aligns with his vision  to streamline decision-making processes and bolster Nikola’s reputation, which has clearly taken a battering in recent times.

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Mary for over a decade, and I cannot think of a more qualified individual to assume the role of COO at Nikola,” said Girsky.

“Mary brings a solid understanding of business, combined with extensive experience in technology and transportation, spanning both engineering and management. Her expertise will be a tremendous asset to the Nikola team,” he added

“My career has been dedicated to pioneering smart transportation and wireless communications across automotive, telecommunications, and high-tech industries,” said Chan.

“Joining Nikola represents the culmination of this journey, and I’m excited to be part of the team that will drive trucking to a zero-emissions future, encompassing trucking products, customer solutions, and the corresponding energy infrastructure.”

Chan was a managing Partner at VectoIQ, where she assisted with the public launch of Nikola Corporation. She also served as president of the Global Connected Consumer group at GM and built the next generation of connected infotainment products and OnStar broadband data services. She  also led the industry’s first launch of 4G LTE connectivity across GM’s global brands in the U.S., China, Europe, and Mexico.

Chan joined GM from Dell , where she was senior vice president and general manager of Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Services.

Chan was previously named the “Top Woman in Wireless” by the Fierce Wireless Industry Daily.