Leading transport and logistics specialist insurance provider, NTI has announced it has expanded its national network of Premium and Local Repairers, claiming  operators requiring vehicle repairs will be back on the road faster with the country’s largest truck and trailer accident repairer, Royans adding seven new repair locations nationally

The news that Royans has  added five new premium and two local repairers to NTI’s authorised repair network, means that  the  Royans group has been boosted  across the country.

NTI says its network comprises an alliance of 27 premium repairers meeting strict criteria across specialist skills, workmanship, facilities, equipment levels, industry experience and trained tradespersons,  and added that it is supplemented by another 39 local repairers servicing smaller, less complex repairs.

NTI’s national manager repairer networks, Adam Craft, said the premium  and local repairer network is about making sure trucks are repaired and back on the road as quickly as possible without compromising on safety.

“Our customers can go to any of NTI’s premium or local repairers with their claim number and the repairer has automatic authority to start repairs. NTI had independent research completed showing our Premium Repairer network gets NTI claims repaired, on average, nine days faster than our competitors,” said Craft.

“All NTI repairers in our networks must meet the highest level of standards around facilities, equipment, skills, knowledge, and experience. They also must live and breathe NTI’s core values and provide an excellent customer experience,” he said.

Craft said NTI and Royans have had a long and successful partnership spanning more than 20 years.

“Back in 2004, Royans Brisbane was the first repairer on the East Coast to adopt the high premium repairer standards, since that time Royans grew it’s premium repairs to offering it to six branches and now we’re thrilled another five of their locations are being added to our premium repairer network, with another two Local Repairers also joining,” he said.

“NTI is constantly reviewing the landscape to see where we may need more repairers to help our customers in their time of need. The additional Royans repairers are in a mix of regional and metropolitan locations on key transport routes across Australia.”

Royans’ national sales manager, Graeme Sharp, said to be named a premium and local repairer, their additional workshops had to meet NTI’s strict criteria and pass an audit process.

“It’s always been great to work alongside the NTI team to provide the best outcome for our mutual customers, during what is generally a very difficult time,” Sharp said.

“By expanding our offering to NTI, this partnership will now provide even further benefits for our mutual customers, over and above the additional locations. Royans will provide industry leading service, repair quality and turnaround time.”

Royans has assisted NTI with seven of its charity vehicle restorations and has been involved in the premium repairer council. Royans has 27 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

Repairers can apply to join NTI’s Authorised Repairer Network by visiting