Freightliner has announced that it has introduced a new Coronado model variant with a new general access Coronado 114 short wheelbase tipper.

The company says it is responding to demand from the local market,  and says it worked with a local body builder to develop a tipper and dog combination that falls within a crucial design envelope of 19 metres.

The company says  that this means the Coronado tipper can run as a general access vehicle at 50.5 tonnes and enables PBS level 2 route access running at 57.5 tonnes.

Freightliner has introduced the new model after it performed well in a local evaluation program during 2018

Freightliner Australia director, Stephen Downes, says the Coronado 114 short wheelbase tipper will lift productivity.

“The Coronado 114 short wheelbase truck is a great example of Freightliner Australia working to develop a truck that is just right for the needs of our local operators,” he says.

“We had a lot of feedback that operators really rate the Coronado 114 as a tipper and dog, but would really appreciate the option of running general access or PBS level 2 for productivity gains, so we got to work.”

In order to meet the length requirements, Freightliner engineers started off with a shorter chassis and fitted a space-saving horizontal exhaust. They also moved the batteries off the chassis rail and under the passenger seat and replaced a single fuel tank with two compact tanks on either side of the chassis. The wheelbase was shortened by 500mm to 4800mm.

These changes not only open up the 50.5 tonnes general access and PBS Level 2 57.5 tonnes classifications, but also reduce the already low tare weight and further improve the truck’s turning circle.

The Coronado 114 general access tipper is fitted with the trusted Detroit DD15 six-cylinder engine that generates up to 560hp and 1850lb-ft of torque.

It can be ordered with an 18-speed Eaton manual or 18-speed Eaton UltraShift Plus automated manual transmission (AMT).