Navistar Has Got Something to Prove

The improving US economy and better terms of trade are clearly fuelling better times at Navistar with the announcement that the US maker has opened a new comprehensive and Hot on the heels of announcing the return of the International brand to the Australian market, Navistar Inc. has opened a comprehensive proving ground facility in Indiana.

Located about an hour’s drive from Navistar’s HQ near Chicago the Navistar Proving Ground covers more than 270 hectares providing Navistar with full in-house testing facilities across the entire portfolio of models from light weight rigids and school buses up to linehaulers, heavy-duty specialists and military vehicles.

The commitment and investment in the new facility underlines the health of Navistar and its push to achieve higher standards of durability and reliability across all its products.

Navistar purchased the facility from component maker Robert Bosch with the site including a five kilometre banked oval in addition to the full composite of commercial vehicle testing facilities including such as brake testing capabilities which include infrastructure, complete instrumentation and computerised data acquisition, structural durability and accelerated mileage accumulation on a multitude of road surfaces and specialised testing for vehicle noise and handling, stability and safety, traction control, lift-off ability on grades up to 60 percent, as well as specific powertrain durability testing.

“The new Navistar Proving Grounds is a strategic addition to our product development operations and will play an important role in our mission to deliver industry-leading uptime for our customers,” said Bill Kozek, President of Navistar Truck and Parts.

“Beyond testing our latest vehicles and innovative technologies, we will also use the site as a customer centre to showcase new products and give customers an opportunity to experience our vehicles first-hand.”

Commenting on the opening of the Navistar Proving Grounds, Navistar Auspac Managing Director Tim Quinlan said, “This announcement comes at an ideal time, immediately after the hugely successful launch of International at the recent Brisbane Truck Show.

“It is a very significant investment which demonstrates Navistar’s commitment to providing exceptional standards of reliability across the entire product portfolio.

“Best of all though, the product enhancements which will evolve as a direct result of testing at the new proving grounds will flow through to the customers of all International products in all markets.”