DAF has revealed a new generation  of its medium duty XB truck range in Europe with a range of distribution vehicles in the 7.5 up to 19 tonnes class.

The Paccar brand’s new model series  also includes a range of battery electric vehicles to support transport companies in their transition to zero emissions. The new DAF XB combines lowest environmental footprint with class-leading efficiency, safety and comfort.

The company says its new DAF XB series sets the new standard in city and regional distribution with tailor-made solutions in the 7.5 – 19 tonnes class with the lowes claimed t environmental footprint in combination with class-leading efficiency, safety and comfort.

It has revealed  the Zero emission city distribution line up with 12, 16 and 19 tonnes versions, and ranges of up to 350 kilometres, with battery charging from 20 – 80 per cent  in 40 to 70 minutes, with dedicated sales support, planning advice, training and PACCAR chargers

As well as the zero emission power trains  it has also revealed new PACCAR PX-5 and PX-7 engines with power from  124 kW (170 hp) to 227 kW (310 hp), which it claims have peak torque at low engine speeds for down-speeding and class leading fuel efficiency.

The ICE power trains use an eight-speed, fully automatic PowerLine transmission

Paccar is also claiming a new standard in safety with a full set of ADAS systems and outstanding direct vision from the driver’s cockpit

The company says the new DAF mediums offer a new standard in driver comfort with day, extended day and sleeper cabs with outstanding accessibility. There is also a N\new customisable digital display, and claimed best-in-class manoeuvrability

The company also revealed a new DAF XBC for Construction applications offering a higher ground clearance of 255 millimetres and a 25 degree approach angle.

DAF says the New Generation XB and XBC construction truck completes its extensive, multiple award-winning product range following its new New Generation XD, XF, XG and XG+ trucks for distribution, long haul and vocational applications over the past 18 months. .

DAF claims it was the first European truck manufacturer to offer a range of battery electric trucks to the market and says it further expanded its environmental leadership with the New Generation XD and XF Electric models.

DAF extended  its ‘zero emission’ product offering with the new DAF XB Electric which is suited for sustainable inner-city and regional distribution.

The e-motor of the XB Electric provides 120 or 190 kW of nominal power depending of the specification and a nominal torque of 950 and 1.850 Nm respectively (2.600 and 3.500 Nm peak). For best environmental impact and highest durability, DAF applies a cobalt and magnesium-free, lithium iron phosphate high energy density battery packs with a gross energy content of 141 up to 282 kWh. These allow XB Electric ranges of up to 350 ultra-quiet and ‘zero emission’ kilometres; more than enough for the needs of urban distribution transport operators.

The PACCAR PX-5 and PX-7 engines are ready for the application of HVO, reducing CO2emissions with up to 90 per cent (‘well-to-wheel’).

The DAF XB with PX-5 and PX-7 engines are offered in combination with a 8-speed, fully automatic PowerLine transmission, which offers optimal gear spread and steps. Powershifting without any torque interruption enables smooth shifts and quick throttle response, resulting in outstanding comfort and driveability. In addition, the transmission provides excellent low speed manoeuvrability thanks to the urge-to-move feature upon releasing the brake pedal.

The new DAF XB series – which will enter production in the fourth quarter of 2023  but its unlikely we will see it here in Australia.