While the Covid crisis  has hit many sectors of the Australian, leading truck manufactuer PACCAR Australia  has taken the opportunity to strengthen it local manufacturing operation and has announced it is in the midst of recruiting 120 more personnel for its Bayswater manufacturing facility in Melbourne’s far Eastern suburbs.

The company says that customer demand for trucks has driven the need for increased production in the coming months, resulting in growth in the factory workforce and related engineering and administrative support at its head office in Melbourne.

The operation did ensure a forced shutdown in the early stages of the Covid crisis as a result of supply chain shortages  but since then the operation has been in full swing to meets buyer demand.

“The current operating environment globally is uncertain, and especially in Victoria at the moment, but we are immensely proud we are able to employ more people and support economic growth within the local community,” said managing director of PACCAR Australia, Andrew Hadjikakou.

“We have been manufacturing Kenworths in Australia for 49 years and the majority of our suppliers of component parts are small-to-medium businesses, many of whom are local to our factory,” said Hadjikakou.

“When we increase our production, they increase their production, he flow on effect through our local supply chain means many more people are affected than just the people we are employing,” he added.

“We hope our customers understand when they buy from us, as an Australian manufacturer, the choice they make positively impacts the lives of many Australians.

“The increase in staff is not only a great boost for the local economy, but it’s great for morale and we look forward to welcoming our new team members as they continue to join the business over the coming weeks.

“Despite the positive news, COVID-19 has not left us unscathed. Our operations team has worked to make manufacturing Kenworths and assembling DAFs at the plant in Melbourne safe for all workers according to the Government’s guidelines on social distancing and maintaining health standards,” Andrew said.