New Renault Van, Bike and Drone Package

Renault trucks e-tech

This could be a glimpse into the future of last-mile delivery – a Renault Van that also comes with two other electric delivery vehicles onboard.

It’s known as the Renault Trucks E-Tech Master OptiModale, and the French manufacturer says it was designed for cleaner, greener, and more accessible urban deliveries.

It combines three types of electric transportation in one vehicle: a 3.5 tonne LWB L3H1 E-Tech Master van, an eBullitt electric cargo bike, and a parcel-carrying drone from UVATEK.

“Suitable for a wide range of logistics operations as well as medical applications, the E-Tech OptiModale is designed to carry and deliver parcels of various sizes.” – Renault Trucks

The Renault offering includes a e-bike and drone for last-mile deliveries.

Grahame Neagus is the boss of Renault Trucks LCV department in the UK and Ireland, he tells us the E-Tech Master OptiModale addresses the pressing need to improve air quality and pollution in our cities while improving accessibility and productivity for operators.

“The E-Tech Master OptiModale is a two-person operation, offering the flexibility of delivering larger parcels by van, whilst the second team member takes the eBullitt cargo bike for last mile deliveries where congestion is at its worst.

“Additionally, the drone provides rapid deployment for urgent situations, such as delivering vital drugs or supplies to challenging or inaccessible locations.

“Optimodale delivers an innovative “last mile” solution and is a clear illustration of the breadth and depth of our thinking, providing Renault Trucks logistics customers with a sustainable solution from 2kg all the way up to 44 tonne.”

We’ll let you know if the Renault Trucks E-Tech Master OptiModale, including e-bike and drone, will become available for Australian customers as any further information comes to hand.