UD has introduced a new model aimed squarely at Australian and New Zealand and particularly segments such as commercial waste management and recycling, construction and general freight.

UD says the new PW 24 280 has been designed in close collaboration with its HQ in Japan, and targeted at the Aussie and Kiwi markets.

UD Trucks Australia vice president, Jon McLean said the PW 24 280 is brilliant example of how UD can combine local knowledge with international expertise and quality to produce a market leading truck.

“The PW 24 280 is a unique solution for Australia and New Zealand that local transport operators have been looking for. Our customers asked for it, and here it is,” said Jon McLean.

McLean says the PW 24 280’s low tare weight will provide a productive and fuel efficient transport solution.

\“Using industry leading components, we set out to create a low tare weight truck for operators looking to maximise payload, the PW is quickly going to become a trusted model in waste, construction and general freight,” said Jon.

The PW 24 280 features an Allison 3500 HD transmission that can be specifically programmed for the customer’s particular requirements and uses a synthetic transmission fluid that provide extended service intervals of more than 200,000 kilometres.

UD is offering a range of options including six-rod leaf and Hendrickson Airbag suspension and says its versatility is enhanced through an axle and rear drive line combination designed to maximise traction and increase grade

“The PW also comes in two wheelbase variants, which when combined with the suspension options makes it a really versatile truck,” said Jon.

The PW 24 280 also introduces some features not seen before in Australian UD models

“For the first time we’re fitting Meritor drive axles as standard, with a driver switchable diff lock and cross lock function,” said Jon McLean.

“When you combine this with the WABCO ABS system you get significantly improved traction in difficult terrain making it perfectly suited for construction or quarry work.”

As with all UD models, the PW 24 280 comes with Fleet Max Plus telematics as standard.

“We’re trying to help our customers find more gains in fuel economy and reduced maintenance costs,” McLean added.

“The data you can get from Fleet Max Plus is the starting point for all of that.”

The new model also has a 6.1-inch touch screen including DAB+, GPS and navigation system with high output three-way speakers, Bluetooth, voice activation, iPhone and smartphone compatibility.

“Another first with this model is the option of a front close view spotter’s mirror fitted in the factory, lots of customers have been asking for this feature, and we’ve heard them,” he said

UD will also offer customers the option of having their specific fleet colours and livery added ex factory.

“The UD Trucks team in Australia have worked closely with the UD Trucks HQ in Japan to create this